Organic Green Pre-Rolls

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Organic Green Pre-Rolls  are hand rolled and the most relaxing cones offered.  Here you get pure organic bud in 2 full gram pre-rolls.

Our hemp flower has been growing for generations and is the most organic flower you will find.


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7 reviews for Organic Green Pre-Rolls

  1. David

    I had these at a festival in Houston and they were the best. We went back and bought more!

  2. Jessica

    We bought these in San Diego at the Hemp Expo. Went back the next day for more, they were sold out! Ordered more online

  3. Alex

    These are good! Order them all the time!

  4. James

    The best for real!

  5. Edwardo

    These are fire!!!

  6. Derek

    These are super clean and you can feel it right away!

  7. Derek

    These are super clean and you can feel it!

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